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Advantage of ringlock scaffolding galvanizing technology

Hot galvanizing technology from development to today almost already has 100 years of history, hot galvanizing technology can effectively reduce the corrosion of steel, is currently the world's iron and steel corrosion prevention effective, is also a way of wide application.

Compared with electrogalvanizing process, the thickness of hot galvanizing process is much higher than that of electrogalvanizing process. Adhesive ability is better than electric galvanizing technology, good anticorrosion performance nature: hot galvanizing technology for spray painting process has, durable, zinc layer won't like lacquer layer falls off, the advantages of anticorrosion performance better. For the penetration process, the adhesion ability of hot galvanizing is better than that of him, and the zinc coating will not fall off, and the anti-corrosion performance is not as strong as galvanized.

Ringlock scaffold through these four kinds of anticorrosion technology is fast, for hot galvanizing technology was invaded paint is not: painting is even can't see: is to calculate similar electric galvanized and hot dip galvanizing process more, also for the galvanized candidly admit defeat.

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