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Analysis on the renting market of ringlock scaffolding in the project

Scaffold in the enterprise, the main leasing products to steel pipe fastener scaffold, bowls ringlock scaffolding is given priority to, in recent years the ringlock scaffold hot market in 2017.

Steel pipe fastener scaffold commonly used outside the scaffold is more, most of the south is also used to support scaffolds in system. But this kind of scaffolding backward technology, poor safety, work efficiency is low. And lease of steel pipe scaffold materials on the market most of the wall thickness below 3.0 mm, for the unqualified products, there are serious security hidden danger, coupled with construction unit can't according to the specification, so the scaffold safety accident frequency.

Bowl scaffold first is widely used in the field of bridge, then gradually extended to constructed municipal area, is mainly applied to the scaffold support system. In many buildings and Bridges have been promoted for many years, has a large number of applications in engineering. But most bowl ringlock scaffolding manufacturer equipment simple, backward production technology, and USES the unqualified steel pipe and accessories, product quality is getting worse, 80% of the bowl on the market at present scaffold for the unqualified products.

Socket type ringlock scaffold rapid development of the market in recent years, has been formed to replace steel pipe scaffold and a bowl of scaffold, recognised by the market step by step. This new type of socket scaffold owing to the high safety coefficient, no scattered fittings at the same time, easy to manage, fast installation at the same time, greatly improving the efficiency and economic benefit is obvious. And significantly reduce the amount of steel, to ensure security at the same time, the specification, beautiful appearance, shorten the time limit, the comprehensive cost reduced significantly, the construction enterprise and the leasing company.

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