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Basic requirements to use the cuplock scaffold in the construction project

Cuplock scaffolding in the construction site application, operation, for the convenience of construction workers and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of the various stent, scaffolding rental architecture piled up in the process of using material and operate facilities for temporary workers.


For scaffolding rental is the basic requirement of width should be basically met the operation of the workers and the requirements of the relevant material stacking and transport, scaffolding products strong stability, installation is very simple and effective in turnaround times.


Different scaffolding rental series has its own characteristics of the architecture, using properties and the applications of different restrictions. Different construction projects for scaffolding set has its commonality and diversity.


As a result, people in solving the problem of construction scaffolding, must meet the needs of the construction and ensure the safety of personnel, considering various factors condition, to solve practical problems, the basic structure of the scaffold frame by frame, the overall stability, resistance to lateral force bar, unloading device, homework and other security protection facilities and parts come together.


General steel pipe scaffold is used in the construction industry, to be on the safe side, most of the construction site will be a good steel pipe scaffold, components are required, the construction, is the main steel tube the material on scaffolding, steel pipe steel quality of the existing national standards, processing is simple, easy to carry relatively, versatility, and many other features, scaffold cuplock board settings should be made of steel, wood and bamboo materials to the quality of the single block scaffolding is adjustable, hold the diameter and pitch should be fully conform to the standard.

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