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Characteristics and environmental protection requirements of cuplock scaffold

Cuplock scaffold in China is given priority to with tubular type cuplock scaffolding, professional cuplock scaffold factory is small, low level of technology, backward production process, especially a large number of bamboo bowl scaffold is still in use, security is not guaranteed.

The light of the product. Ageing Japan template workers during the spring and autumn, therefore, it is necessary to reduce the labor intensity of construction workers, building templates, cuplock scaffold design to incline to light, the installation, beautiful appearance, to constantly develop new products. If the steel plate thickness is 1.2mm, the slab length is only 10.5KG, each 3-meter long aluminum alloy foot plate weighs only 7.8 kg.

Product safety. Especially cuplock scaffolding and scaffolding, and other products, not only requires the installation on the design, more safe and reliable, cuplock scaffolding, the cuplock to have safety railings and net bar near, there can be no gaps between scaffold board connectors, prevent sundry fall from.

Characteristics and environmental protection requirements of cuplock scaffold

Product diversification. Different types of construction can be used for different types of templates and cuplock scaffolds. In civil engineering, except through the steel template, according to the requirements of different engineering design all kinds of special steel template, template such as road, bridge template, tunnels, DAMS, templates, template shaft template template, chimney, etc., and has reached the scale design.

In addition, there are wood plate templates, steel frames or aluminum frame gluing templates, plastic templates, etc. Cuplock scaffold species more, there are many box type bowl button scaffolding, socket type scaffold for button, buckle bowl bowl scaffolding and special bowl scaffold, can be used in accordance with the requirements of engineering. Environmental requirements of the product.

Japan has a high demand for environmental protection, and the disposal of used templates and cuplock scaffolds should meet environmental requirements. According to the first, recently, considering the damage of the wood plywood template to the environment, the use of steel frame and steel templates is increasing.


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