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Construction points be remember in the process of building rinlgock scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding as high construction indispensable props, particularly common in the construction industry. With the increasing of domestic construction project, we can see everywhere in the city of unfinished buildings outside the main body of scaffolding, these scaffolds can help workers they need to do the actual operating effectively horizontal transport and vertical transport work. Scaffolding as an important tool of high homework, is shouldering the workers' life safety and operation efficiency etc. Multiple importance, so you must according to certain procedures. 

Ringlock scaffold structures, there are strict building program, in a formal upright before work, must first complete the following be preparation work: first, to examine the basic plane is the first step. 

Can stay wait for means to ensure that the scaffold is located in the same horizontal plane, under force balance in order to make the scaffold, and will not appear skewed by highly increased, such as collapse accident. Second, in the scaffold support leg pad to put the wood, so that we can effectively prevent the stress concentration caused by load stress at the bottom of the concrete floor cracking phenomenon such as. 

The wood should not be too thin, too small, too thin will cause easy break, no protection, too small will not be effective mean stress. Third, on the base installation work. When installing a base, make the stud base, should be paid attention to the wood, ground between faying surface should fit tightly, can't appear escapes and loose phenomenon. 
Upon completion of the above procedures, can be stud on this basis, the structure and the construction of the support plate work. Nine layers in soil, since the units that have a solid base is the important foundation work of scaffolding work, choose structures, it is absolute guarantee construction at the grass-roots level, is definitely worth and trust.

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