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Cuplock scaffold maintenance

Anything if you want to use for a long time will be to maintain for a long time can, mobile scaffolding, all knew the mobile scaffolding is a high incidence of disturbance in equipment, thus make the protection work, is responsible for building construction. Let's talk about the significance of cuplock scaffold maintenance.

First, the mobile scaffolding used in the application should be returned to the bank and classified. When stacked in the open air, the place should be flat, excellent drainage, and a cushion, and cover with a tent cloth, the accessories and parts should be kept indoors.

Second, set up perfect mobile scaffold materials brought hair, back, review, and repair criteria, in accordance with the who use, who repair, the rope feet, implementing quota recipients or loan method, to add the damage and loss. As a basic use of construction, mobile scaffolding is widely used in various construction sites.

The development of the scaffolding industry in China is slow, and its application is mainly based on industrial and defense tip. With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, all kinds of new buildings have been built, which has also contributed to the market demand of scaffolding.

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