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Cuplock scaffolding construction operation is based on the technical standard procedure

The vertical rod and horizontal rod of the cuplock scaffolding are used in the fixed-length rod fittings of the medium phi 483.5 welding, which is used in the project.The mould rod and the vertical bar are connected with a unique bowl.From the lower bowl to the connecting rod plug, the upper cuplock and the pin plug; The cuplock scaffold is used with adjustable base, adjustable bracket and even wall support. The cuplock scaffolding insurance is reliable, efficient and easy to manage.

Circular frame column using a large custom steel template, steel template used 5 Q235 steel plate, thick ∟ 65 x 6 borders, cross rib adopts ∟ 60 x 6 Angle, longitudinal ribs adopts - 50 x 5 flat steel making, each mould to make the two halves of the same block size, choose M14 high-strength bolts between two pieces of the template. Beam board adopts 12mm, 15mm thick double laminated bamboo plywood

The construction operation shall have complete construction operation basis and quality inspection record according to the technical standard. The technical standards for construction operation shall meet the requirements of design requirements and acceptance specifications, and the standards of enterprises shall not be lower than the national and industrial standards.

Operation according to the technical standards of the quality inspection record about the quality inspection, evaluation contents, data, completed by the construction units each project professional quality inspector, inspection records and conclusion by the supervision company supervision engineer to fill in. If the above two items meet the requirements, the test batch quality shall be deemed to be qualified; If one of the items does not meet the requirements, the test batch quality shall be deemed to be unqualified.

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