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Cuplock scaffolding provides cuplock scaffolding products in the scaffolding market

Cuplock Scaffolding Provides Cuplock Scaffolding Products in the Structure features: this kind of scaffold group is very flexible, wide application scope. According to the requirement of the construction of concrete can be made to form the modulus of 0.6 meters of group size and load of single row, double row scaffolding equipment. 

Can achieve good curve to decorate, also can be used in any height difference on the ground, according to the requirements of different load and can freely adjust the stent spacing, to serve the needs of actual use.

Application characteristics: for this cuplock scaffold, its each component of uniform size, in the process of erection of scaffolding, have the characteristics of standardization and reliable. In line with the requirements of the civilization construction. 

Due to the equipment on the cuplock and the bar is to become a body, it is effective to avoid the bulk, the phenomenon of loss, wear and tear, is advantageous for the on-site management. The scaffolding equipment can reduce the labor intensity of the workers, the installation efficiency is very high, can effectively reduce the labor intensity, shorten the construction period, improve the efficiency of construction, from a long-term point of view, in this cuplock scaffold construction equipment, has a higher economic efficiency.

Use advantage: this cuplock of scaffold each component size is unified, standardization of the erection of scaffold has characteristics. Due to the cuplock and bar are becoming one of the, it effectively avoids the bulk, easily lost or wear phenomenon, but also carry out scientific management of the scene. Tear open outfit up more convenient, save time and save Labour, provide work efficiency greatly.

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