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Do you know such features of rinlgock scaffolding in the project

Ringlock scaffolding, as we all know, is that we often used in the construction engineering equipment, so its application in the architecture need not say more, then the ringlock scaffolding in addition to building with such outstanding performance, it is also active in what environment?

Ringlock scaffolding play the important role in modern construction, has been widely used, about the characteristics of ringlock scaffolding, you know? ADTO manufacturers adjusted, let's take a look.

Versatility: can be according to the requirements of the construction of different group size, shape and bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, columns and other multi-functional construction equipment.

2. High efficiency: simple structure, easy tear open outfit is convenient, fast, and essentially avoids the loss of spiral homework and scattered deductions, joint assembling and speed is more than five times faster than normal, spelling a quick energy, only need a hammer can finish all the homework.
3. The bearing capacity is big, with the axis of socket connected by stud, node set plane, the frame joint with bending, shear and torsion resistance performance, structure, performance stability, bearing capacity is big.

4. The safety and reliability: joint in the design when considering the effect of gravity, make joint can have reliable two-way self-locking ability, work load on the cross bar through the button to stud, button has a strong shear capacity, up to 199 kn.
5. Packing of product standardization, less maintenance, fast loading and unloading, transportation is convenient, easy to store.

6. Long life and corrosion resistance is strong, save material, save wood square, save the human, economic and practical, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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