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High qualified ratio of cuplock scaffolding for the project use

ADTO company is a professional and reliable construction include leasing company, they provide the building include products reasonable structure, reliable performance, security and stability, and is able to provide reliable guarantee for the construction. Usually, building shelves is supported by door frame, connecting rods, cross, cuplock scaffolding and arm lock parts. Can also have a supporting base, bracing, horizontal reinforcing rod, rod, sealing rod sweeps the floor, and so on. In the construction process, plays an important role. For the use of this kind of construction tools, need to do a good job of building in advance. Look at the building include build Settings required below. 

Buildings include the erection sequence should be: basic preparation, place the plate, place the base and put up two common single door frame, install a crossbar, laid cuplock scaffolding, was repeated in such order to install door frame, cross bar, cuplock scaffolding, etc. 

Cuplock scaffolding must consolidate the basis of firm, slag and put a layer of 100 mm should be honest, to do well at the same time the corresponding drainage slope, prevent water phenomenon. 
For this building include shall make building, from one end to the other end of the cuplock scaffolding needed in next step after cuplock scaffolding, and then to set up. The build-up to the next step in the direction of the opposite. 
In the position of the scaffold endpoint base insert two common door frame parts, and then cross bar to fixed installation even at the same time in the set-up of the door frame after every build a cross, then install the crossbars and lock plate.

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