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How is the cuplock scaffolding to work in the construction process

Cuplock connector is the core component of scaffold, it consists of joint on button cuplock, the cuplock, bar and cuplock on the limit pin, etc, it can connect the four bar at the same time. Steel pipe frame stud and plunger on every 600 mm buckle joint set a cuplock. 

ADTO cuplock scaffold for giant under the cuplock and limit pin directly welded at the top of the vertical rod or lever. When gap on the limit pin on the cuplock, the cuplock can be upward sliding along the vertical pole distance, rail joint immediately cingulate tooth the tooth can be inserted into the cuplock, cuplock on the buckle along the limit pin to slide down the rail joint, and clockwise rotation fastening. 

First: versatility: the join way variety, so it is more flexible, assembling according to the specific composition of construction of all kinds of size, shape, scaffold with different functions, such as single and double row scaffolding, racks, climbing scaffolding, etc.

The second: strong practicability: main components adopt steel tube structure, the same as the common scaffolding steel pipe, can be connected to a variety of steel pipe, strong practical performance.

Third: load strength: rail used cuplock connection, axis of longitudinal bar is the same socket, according to the principle of mechanical design, joint use reliable bending, shear and torsion mode connection, good stability, load strength.

Fourth: high safety: joint application of self-locking ability, and is equipped with a safety net support, scaffolding, block board, ladder safety protection design.

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