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How to make the cuplock scaffolding to be the safe scaffolding

As is known to all, cuplock scaffolding is a kind of application in the construction industry supplies, so in the construction industry, cuplock scaffolding how to become a security frame throughout?

Here are the current small make up to a simple introduction. 

The main purpose of the application of cuplock scaffold in the construction industry is in order to ensure the safety of construction workers, so the cuplock scaffold is the premise of safety, on the material is, need to adopt high quality material, frame foundation must be strong, need to meet the requirement of load, and according to the specific construction requirements to set safety precautions. Then there is the cuplock scaffold erection, need according to the specific requirements of the building, need the vertical control, steel support, the structure of the cantilever beam and wall body are need careful to build the connection. In the process of how to maintenance;
1, the designated persons every day Tours of inspection was carried out on the cuplock scaffolding, check the stud, plate sinks, loose, frame body all fasteners slide fastener, loose, complete frame to each component is complete. 

2, prepare cuplock scaffolding foundation drainage, after the rain to the cuplock scaffolding frame body basis to conduct a comprehensive inspection, it is strictly prohibited to cuplock scaffolding basal water sinks. 

3, the operational layer construction load shall not exceed 270 kg/square metre, shall not cross bar support, such as cable wind rope fixed on the cuplock scaffolding, pensile clog on cuplock scaffolds shall be strictly prohibited. 

4, anyone is forbidden to dismantle cuplock scaffold on any parts

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