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How to move the cuplock scaffolding in a safe range of width

1, from the Angle of the mechanical design research and development of the product. So the product has strong compressive strength, saw, tensile. 

2, cuplock scaffolding using range is wide, according to the different uses of construction scaffolding also produce different size and different uses of accessories, such as the size of the support frame size, type and shape of the support bar, and so can be used in indoor decoration, some door head replacement, high-rise buildings, Bridges, the construction of the tunnel. 

3, easy to management, disk activity less accessories, facilitate management and transportation, the role of each parts are manufactured by the supplier by the unification of refining, and the role of each parts are interlinked, so the generality is particularly strong. 

4, long service life, maintenance is simple, the use of cuplock scaffolding is used in cold galvanizing, therefore the product is in use for 3 to 5 years don't need for maintenance, and resistance to corrosion and rust. 

5, the product manufacture process is to make the product has the ability of bearing load, and in the use of the product in the process of each fitting clasped very closely make the more closely and firmly. 

6, the cuplock scaffolding is famous for its economy, convenience and safety in the construction industry, construction installation personnel or investment management of cuplock type scaffold is very popular.

Cuplock scaffold components size uniform, set up the scaffold has the characteristics of standardization, standardization, high efficacy, installation work intensity is low, joint speed than the conventional scaffold installation fast; Three times. Completely avoid bolt assignments, simple maintenance, easy to transport. Can use existing fastener type steel tube feet in equipment renovation, greatly reduce the cost of updating.

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