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How to set up ringlock scaffolding safe

As the most new type of supporting scaffold, the safety coefficient of the ringlock scaffold is much higher than that of the previous bowl buckle and wheel buckle. However, the high safety factor of the disk scaffolding is established in accordance with the specified operation and construction. Here we give a list of the safety construction Suggestions for the ringlock  scaffolds.

First of all, there must be a clear construction plan before the construction of the disc scaffolding, and the construction should be completed in accordance with the construction plan. Personnel entering the construction site must wear a qualified safety helmet. The shoes worn by the construction personnel must be antiskid shoes, wearing safety belts, and the clothes are as convenient and simple as possible.

When working, the material should be removed as soon as possible so as not to drop the person. When working on the scaffold, it is necessary to pay attention to the work, strictly prohibit the post of alcohol, the high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, fear of heights and other difficult to climb the post.

When the ringlock  scaffolding support system is set up, it must be checked and accepted by the relevant personnel, and the acceptance certificate should be filled in. Do not work in high winds, rain or snow, prevent people from falling off due to wet equipment. In the case of a large sword, it should also pay attention to whether the contact with the building is firm, and the lightning rod should be installed when it is put into use, so as to avoid the casualties caused by thunderstorm.

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