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Is the ringlock scaffolding the perfect scaffolding tools in the construction market

At the beginning of the buildings built, we often see some support for the construction of the high-rise buildings, the periphery of the shape of these stents through careful observation, it is not hard to see its type, is generally common scaffolding is ringlock scaffold. The scaffold installation is simple, but there are some preparation work to do, the following is the introduction to the preparatory work, hope these can help you.

First of all, the early stage of the construction to determine the location of the installation, and line on the positioning, ensure that later in the installation process makes it perpendicular to the ground.

Second, must ensure that the position of the robustness of the ground, the best tamping on the ground, and this work is to prepare for the stability of the scaffold installation.
Third, the use of the specifications of the scaffold must be consistent.

Fourth, to get all materials ready in advance, construction personnel in place ahead of schedule, so that we can improve the work efficiency of installation.

Finally, earnestly do a good job in construction to ensure that the ringlock scaffolding each connection is very strong, in the life safety of the personnel working on a scaffold. Ringlock scaffolding advantage relative to other types of scaffolding is there are a lot of, for example it on the whole structure is more than other scaffolding concise, and it can through the rail and self locking, so as to ensure the safety of the scaffold. 

Because of this scaffold is console scaffold, so its disadvantage is the requirement of the ground is higher, in the uneven or relatively loose soil can't be built on the ground, because it is very likely tilt phenomenon, so there is no warranty guarantee the safety of the people.

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