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Problems about cuplock scaffolding

Cuplock scaffolding is widely used on construction site, but in the actual production process is also has certain problem, here we introduce cuplock scaffold common quality defects of the reason and solution.

First, often appear problem, the cuplock scaffolding to transport is not convenient, it is very annoying, this time it is best to have a good look at it when I was in the original flexibility.

Second, in the process of application products also prone to some of the damaged parts, if just purchase some obvious quality problems arise, this one can be sure of is that the producers and the production of the product quality has a vital link, can directly ask the producers for replacement or repair.

We all know that the clasp scaffold is a new type of building support system derived from the button-down scaffolding. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, fast construction speed, strong stability and easy site management. Uscaffolding has been engaged in the long - term operation of cuplock scaffolding and other products, welcome to visit our factory.

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