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Production technology of multi-function cuplock scaffolding

Multi-function cuplock scaffold joint structure is reasonable, the craft is simple, operation is easy, using range is wide, can fully meet houses, Bridges, tunnels, chimney, water tower and various construction requirements of the building. Compared with other types of scaffolds, the bowl-type multi-functional scaffold has the following characteristics: the structure of the bowl is reasonable. The axial force of the rod shaft makes the whole structure of the scaffold in three dimensional space, the structure strength is high, the overall stability is good, and has the reliable self-locking performance, can better meet the needs of the construction safety. 

The scaffold frame is flexible and widely applicable. According to construction requirements of the modulus of 0.6 m of a variety of group size and load of single row, double row scaffolding, racks, material lifting and other multi-function scaffold construction equipment, and can do curve to decorate, also can be used in any difference on the ground, according to different load requirements, flexible adjustment of stent spacing. The dimensions of the components of the cuplock scaffolding are uniform and the scaffolds are standardized and standardized, which are suitable for the construction of site civilization. Because the bowl and the bar are a whole, the loss of wear and tear is avoided, which is convenient for site management.

Efficient installation and operation low intensity, connection speed is faster than conventional scaffold installation 2-3 times, workers only need a small hammer can finish all the homework, can reduce the labor intensity of 0.5 times. Completely avoid bolt operation, no intention to lose loose pieces, components light, strong, light touch, ordinary rust does not affect the loading and dismantling operation, easy maintenance, convenient transportation. Using the existing steel pipe scaffold for equipment modification, it greatly reduces the cost of renewal.

The clasp joint is the core part of the cuplock scaffold, which consists of the upper bowl, the lower bowl, the crossbar, and the top bowl. A cuplock scaffold is installed on the scaffolding pole and the top bar at 0.6 m. The lower bowl and the upper - bowl limit pin are directly welded to the upright rod or top rod. When the gap in the upper bowl is pointed to the limit pin, the upper bowl can slide up the bar. When connecting bar, insert the rail joint first cuplock scaffold under the circular groove, the bowl on the buckle  along the limit pin to slide down the rail joint, and clockwise rotation fasten, use the hammer knock a few times can firmly lock.

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