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Provisions of Ringlock Scaffolding

1) the actual construction load (personnel, material, and machine weight) of the operating layer shall not exceed the following regulation value or construction design value. The standard value of the construction load (the weight of personnel, equipment and materials on the operating floor), and the structural scaffolding shall be 3KN/m2; Tool scaffold 3KN/m2.

2) the material set on the frame shall be kept in a neat and stable way, and shall not affect the construction operation and personnel passage. Scaffolds should be provided on a carriage to ensure the lane is open. It is strictly prohibited to run, return or pull back on the shelf.

3) the maximum operating height of the operator on the rack should be in order of normal operation, and it is forbidden to add padding or single block of scaffolding on the frame to increase operating height.

4) in the operation, the basic skeleton bar, integral rod and fastener of the scaffold are prohibited. In case the operation requires demolition, it must be approved by the competent person and the corresponding compensation measures shall be taken, and the operation shall be resumed in a timely manner after completion of the operation.

5) workers should pay attention to self-safety protection and other people's safety in the work on the shelf, so as to avoid collision, flash-loss and falling objects. Do not play on the rack and sit on the railing for a rest.

6) the scaffold must be set up in and out of the place where the security guard is located.

7) when each class is on the shelf, it is necessary to check the existence of problems that affect the safety operation and to start the homework after elimination and settlement. In the case of unsafe conditions and signs in the operation, the operation should be stopped for inspection immediately, and the normal operation will be resumed. All shelves should be immediately notified when there is any abnormality or danger.

8) clean up the shelves before the daily work, place the materials and articles on the shelves in order, and remove the garbage. During the operation, the materials and articles in the safety net should be cleaned in time. In any case, the disc scaffold is strictly prohibited from throwing materials and dumping rubbish from the shelves.

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