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Ringlock scaffold on the construction site the most frequently used equipment

Ringlock scaffold on the construction site, one of the most widely used, the most frequently used temporary facilities. The most common form of wooden scaffolding, bamboo scaffolding and steel pipe scaffold; There are several kinds of special use scaffolding as well as scaffold, mobile scaffold, suspension scaffold, etc. Each personnel to deal with the scaffold has certain understanding, and master a certain knowledge of the use and maintenance. 

General provisions of scaffolding
(1) the scaffold shall be held by the special type of workers, in accordance with the approved construction scheme and measures of the erection; Upon the acceptance of the construction and use of the department, hang tags, just can use. 

(2) scaffold ringlock erection flare path must have insulator or other insulating support; Height in more than 20 m, and is beyond the scope of lightning protection of scaffolding must establish a single lightning rod, lightning protection device must meet the safety requirements. 

(3) the laid of scaffolding shall meet: spread, smooth, firm, no probe plate; right by it should be a double row of rail.

(4) height in more than 30 m steel pipe scaffold and height in more than 15 m wood, bamboo scaffolding, should have the special design, can be positioned. 
(5) the ends of the scaffold, root corner every 6 to 7 poling strut should be set up and bracing;

The strut and bracing shall not be greater than 60 angle with the ground;
(6) scaffold height above 7 m and unable to set the strut, vertical every 4 m, transverse every 7 m must be connected to the building and structures and firm; The outer side and top of scaffolding shall be the build and construct several strong points. 

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