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Ringlock type scaffold welded pipe need to reach the standard as follows

The requirements of ringlock scaffolding welded pipe is higher, usually need to meet the current national standard "the straight seam welded pipe" (GB/T13793-92), or "low pressure fluid conveying tube with welding" (GB/T3092) level of Q235A common welded pipe, the material performance should be consistent with existing national standards "carbon structural steel" (GB/T700). 

Ringlock type scaffold with welded pipe specifications for & Phi;48 & times; The wall thickness shall not be less than 3.5 mm, welding 3.5 0.025 mm. On the bowl, adjustable base and adjustable prop nut malleable cast iron or cast steel manufacturing, should be adopted in its material mechanical properties shall comply with GB9440 KTH330-08 and GB11352 ZG270-500.

Stud link coat thickness shall not be less than 3.5 0.025 mm, inner diameter is not more than 50 mm, outer sleeve length is not less than 160 mm, overhanging length not less than 110 mm.3.5.7 welding rods shall be conducted on special tooling, the welding parts should be solid and reliable, welds shall not be less than 3.5 mm. Poling connected to the stud on the connection of the hole should be able to insert & Phi;12 mm connecting pin. In bowl nodes at the same time to install ; On the four pillars and bowl should be able to lock.

Under the bowl, rail joint, diagonal joints should be manufactured carbon steel casting, its material mechanical properties shall comply with the terms of GB11352 ZG230-450.USES the steel plate hot stamping the overall shape of the bowl, plate shall meet the requirements of the standard level of Q235A steel GB700 plate thickness shall not be less than 6 mm. And the 600 ~ 650 & middot; C aging treatment. It is forbidden to use old rusted steel restructuring.

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