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Safety management and maintenance requirements of the ringlock

1, big formwork and ringlock scaffoldinging, and removal of personnel shall participate in the construction industry department in charge of organization construction special operations training and examination qualified, obtained the mount guard qualifications.
2, support build-up homework personnel must wear a helmet, wear your seat belt, wearing non-slip shoes.

3, should be controlled templates support the construction of concrete pouring work level load, concentrated stack should not exceed the design value.
4, concrete pouring process, the working state of the template ringlock scaffolding should be chosen to observation, when an exception occurs, head of the observers should promptly report to the construction, an emergency should leave quickly construction personnel, and should undertake the corresponding reinforcement.
5, formwork and ringlock scaffoldinging during use, strictly forbid dismantle frame structure bar, if you want to dismantle must report to the project technical director and chief supervision engineer agreed to determine the rear can implement the prevention and control measures.

6, it is strictly prohibited on the basis of the formwork and ringlock scaffolding and adjacent mining operations.
7, formwork and ringlock scaffolding with overhead transmission line circuit to keep a safe distance, site temporary electricity line construction and the ringlock scaffolding grounding lightning protection measures should be in accordance with the current industry standards


1) easy and quick: build relaxed and fast, and have very strong maneuverability, can meet the requirements of large scale;
2) safe, reliable and flexible: according to different actual need, set up a variety of specifications, many mobile scaffolding, various perfect safety accessories, provide strong, safe in operation support;
3) convenient transportation: remove the store covers an area of small, and can promote the convenient transfer, components can through a variety of narrow channels.

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