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Strong development of ringlock scaffolding in the projects

Use advantage: this ringlock of scaffold each component size is unified, standardization of the erection of scaffold has characteristics. Due to the ringlock and bar are becoming one of the, it effectively avoids the bulk, easily lost or wear phenomenon, but also carry out scientific management of the scene. Tear open outfit up more convenient, save time and save labour, provide work efficiency greatly.

Ringlock scaffold has several times to obtain a variety of international and domestic awards, become the ministry of construction, 2000 years ago one of ten key to promote the new technology. 

Ringlock scaffold was toothed ringlock joint of a new type of socket type steel pipe scaffold. It is simple and easy, save time and effort, disassembling structure is firm and reliable, equipped with perfect, strong commonality, strong advantage such as bearing capacity, and easy processing, not easily lost, convenient management, easy to transport, and has a wide range of applications. Say so many, ringlock scaffold actually possesses the advantages.

Ringlock node structure reasonable design, use the force to axial force, make the scaffold structure in three dimensions with high strength, high stability, can well meet the needs of the construction safety.

This ringlock scaffold generally consists of steel pipes, rail, upright, ringlock joint, etc. Basic set-up requirements and fastener type steel pipe scaffold structure, basic similar, mainly is the difference between the ringlock buckle joint. 

Ringlock scaffold characteristics of safe and reliable, high efficiency, easy to manage. Frame body stress is given priority to with axial compression, and thus makes the high bearing capacity and buckling collapse edge. Compared with the traditional scaffolding, ringlocks button scaffolding has the following notable features.

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