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Such ringlock scaffolding kind can be well used in the project

Ringlock scaffolding is in the process of engineering construction, pile material and workers to operate the temporary facilities. The width of the basic requirements for scaffolding, scaffold should meet the requirements of workers, materials storage and transport operation, strong stability, easy installation, and turnover of many times. Different scaffolding series has its own structure characteristics, performance and application limitations.


Different construction projects on the installation of scaffolding has its commonality and differences. Therefore, in solving the problem of construction scaffolding set, must meet the needs of the construction and ensure safety, comprehensive consideration of various conditions and factors, solving various problems.

In the construction industry, scaffolding set-up, housing has been in the building decoration and so on, can be appropriate to protect the safety of workers. Convenient and safe to use, it is a good building tools, let workers use up more satisfactory. Scaffolding because the disc is apart from the sample, cooperate with flexible, and adjustable hollow jacking base can be a difference after common span bridge support and a variety of cross-section situation.


Traditional cast-in-situ box girder template with support system, heavy and can only be used in special type beam, drawback is very big, workers use very inconvenient and not too strong. Light weight new shuttering system, connection plate distance, workers less energy consumption, save labor costs. The entire disc type scaffold can realize the integral lifting and removal, reasonable matching hoisting belt, use more convenient, more satisfactory work.


Plate ringlock scaffolding refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support, can have a variety of different types and materials, the main purpose is for the sake of all kinds of construction site construction workers need to size, is also the major of architectural decoration construction tools, mainly can be divided into bowl type, tray type and other types. 

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