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The composition of ringlock scaffolding

At present, the construction industry in China is developing rapidly, especially in recent years. New technologies, new materials, new processes are being developed and used in the construction industry. Scaffolds are all kinds of scaffolds designed to facilitate the operation of the construction site, so we can learn about the structure of scaffolding.

Scaffolds are temporary facilities for piling materials and workers to operate during construction. The basic requirement for scaffolding is that the width of the scaffold should meet the requirements of workers' operation, material stacking and transportation, which can be stable, easy to remove, and can turn over many times. Different scaffolds have their own architectural features, performance and application limitations. Different construction projects also have its commonality and diversity in the setting of scaffolding. Therefore, in solving the problem of setting up construction scaffolding, it is necessary to meet the construction needs and ensure safety, take into account all kinds of conditions and factors, and solve the problems that exist.

In the construction industry, scaffolding has always been applied in building, building, etc., so as to protect the safety of workers. It is convenient and safe to use. It is a good building tool to make workers more comfortable. The scaffold can be used as bridge support for the difference span and cross-section situation due to the example of disc distance and flexibility, and can be combined with adjustable hollow top pedestal base. The traditional cast-in-place box girder template comes with support system, which is heavy and can only be used for special girder type. The defects are very large, and the workers are very inconvenient and not very strong.

The new type of support system is light weight, the connection disc is large, the workers have less energy and labor cost is saved. The whole ringlock scaffold can be hoisted and dismantled as a whole, suitable for the lifting belt, easier to use and more convenient to work.

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