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The development trend of ringlock scaffold is flourishing

The tram scaffold is widely used in China and has received a lot of praise. The trend of scaffolding is to develop in a light, high-strength structure, standardization, assembly and multi-functional direction. The materials are developed from wood and bamboo into metal products. The installation process will gradually adopt the assembly method, minimizing or not using the fastener, bolt and other parts; The material will also gradually adopt thin - walled steel, aluminum alloy products and so on. To promote the environmental protection requirements of scaffolding, to establish a specialized scaffold contracting company.

Scaffolding installation:

1. No matter what type of disc type erection of scaffolding, scaffold material and used in the processing quality, must conform to specified requirements is absolutely forbidden to use unqualified erection of scaffold materials, in case of accident.

2. For dangerous and special hanging, selection, hanging, cutting, piling and other shelves must also be designed and approved. The establishment of separate security technical measures can be set up.

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