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The general disease and control methods of the ringlock scaffold

The general disease and control methods of the ringlock scaffolding:

1. The horizontal rod of the ringlock and the vertical rod are easy to slip off and must be secure.

2. The upper and lower horizontal rod spacing (vertical bar spacing) is too large; The specification should not be greater than 1.8 m.

3. The cantilever length of the top level rod of the adjustable bracket on the pedestal holder of the formwork shall be adjustable, and the cantilever length is more than 650mm; According to the standard no more than 650mm, the horizontal bar of the top level of the frame should be smaller than that of the standard step.

4. Ringlock scaffolding rod is not set between special diagonal or tubular steel pipe diagonal, not to the template in vertical and horizontal scaffolding to strengthen a geometric stable has a certain ability to resist torsion stress structure.

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