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The price of cuplock scaffolding depends on its regulation and features

This standard is mainly the People's Republic of China Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development.

This standard has the housing and urban and rural construction departments of the standard of construction engineering standards focal point.

This standard is responsible for drafting units: China Academy of Building Research.

This standard specifies the packaging, transport and storage of cuplock steel pipe scaffolding components.

This standard is applicable to the production and inspection of cuplock steel pipe scaffolding used in bowl-shaped steel pipe scaffolding and template support frame. Also suitable for municipal, water, chemical, coal and ship works can be used in bowl-type steel pipe scaffolding components. Ringlock type, cuplock-type, card-type steel pipe scaffold components can refer to the implementation of this standard.

Cuplock scaffolding Features:

1. The cuplock node structure is reasonable, the force shaft axial force, so that the overall scaffolding in three-dimensional space, high structural strength, the overall stability is good, and has a reliable self-locking performance, can better meet the needs of construction safety.

2. Scaffolding frame situation is flexible, wide range According to the construction requirements, can form a module of 0.6m modular size and load of single row, double scaffolding, support frame, material scaffolding and other multi-functional construction equipment , And can do the curve layout, but also in any height difference on the ground to use, according to different load requirements, can be flexible to adjust the stent spacing.

3. cuplock scaffolding of the uniform size of the components, erected scaffolding with standardized and standardized features, suitable for on-site civilized construction; due to cuplock and bar as a whole, to avoid the loss of wear and tear parts, easy on-site management.

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