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The safety is very important for the operation of cuplock scaffolding

When construction work, especially the aerial work, cuplock scaffold on security operation must be seriously, ADTO company to introduce the cuplock scaffold safety operation:

Cuplock scaffolding safety operation: load on the surface of the work (including scaffolding, people, things and materials, etc.), the design has no rules, layout cuplock scaffold is not beyond 4 kN/m2 decoration scaffolding not beyond kN/m2, to ensure that the cuplock scaffold is not beyond 1 kN/m2.On the surface of the work load should be evenly distributed. Avoid load in all the earth meet. 

Cuplock put a scaffold of scaffolding plank layer and operation layer number is not beyond the rules together. Straight transport equipment (tic-tac-toe frame, etc.) and cuplock type scaffold planking transport channels between layer number and load control should not be beyond the rules of construction organization design, shall not be artificially increase the ceiling layer number and excessive accumulation of construction materials. 

Lintel, fasteners, etc shall be shipped with the unit, shall not be stored in a cuplock of hands button on the shelf, heavy construction equipment (such as electric welding machine, etc.) shall not be placed in the cuplock scaffold. Because in the use of scaffolding, also will have their own mobile request, if it is at this time, not to let the user when use, to achieve the best performance, so at this time, nature will not be able to allow the user to achieve the best performance, so in the cuplock scaffold, they also have the best advantage, there are some users in the use of it, to achieve the best performance advantages, so in more cases, certainly will let users on itself, to achieve some performance, so it is very important.

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