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Things You Dont Know About Cuplock Scaffolding

The cuplock scaffolding is a new kind of scaffolding which is developed based on the advanced joint and fittings technology of the same type of scaffolds abroad. Type cuplock multi-function scaffold joint structure is reasonable, the craft is simple, operation is easy, using range is wide, can fully meet houses, Bridges, tunnels, chimney, water tower and various construction requirements of the building.

Compared with other types of scaffolds, cuplock multi-functional scaffolds are a new type of scaffolding with a wide range of development prospects. The wheel - buckle scaffold is a vertical steel tubular scaffold with a good self-locking function. The main components of the structure are the vertical rod and the crossbar.

Its adopted ringlock node structure, performance is very reasonable, the structure of the scaffold poling through the axial force, endowed with good stability and security of the whole structure of scaffold, at the same time it also has excellent self-locking function, further improve the structure of the structure performance and security.

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