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Tips for the regulation and techniques of ringlock scaffolding in the market

Ringlock scaffold is our country science and technology personnel in the mid - 1980 - s, according to the foreign advanced experience to develop a kind of multifunctional scaffold. Its characteristic is: node structure is reasonable, carrying capacity is big. 

Poling, ringlock scaffolding beams and diagonal axis to point, node plane, the frame joint under bending, shear and torsion mechanics performance, the overall stability of frame structure, and the bearing capacity of the frame body than fastener type steel pipe scaffold has improved and improve.

The use of safe and reliable. Ringlock of spiral joint friction and bar since gravity make joint has reliable self-locking ability, can prevent hernia of rail joint. Convenient installation, low operation strength. Because the ringlock buckle joint has no bolt, pin, such as the characteristics of the spare parts installation, the operator can finish all the homework with a hammer. 

Installation and removal speed faster than the fastener type steel pipe scaffold about 5 times more. The scaffolding parts weight is lighter, commonly used the longest stud in the bar is 3.13 m, weight 17.07 kg, a large number of rail for no more than 10 kg, operating personnel to the installation work in is far lower than the fastener type steel tube scaffold.

Secure: joint design to take into account the gravity effect, make the joint has a strong bidirectional self-locking performance, load acting on the bar after ringlock is passed to the vertical rod, ringlock has the very strong shear performance.

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