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Use standard for cuplock scaffolding rental

(1) all operators who participate in the erection of scaffolds must pass through the triple safety education, pass the examination and pass the body. The check is qualified and the post is available.

(2) all operators who participate in the erection of aluminum alloy scaffolds must wear safety hats, tool bags, suspenseand emergency. The dangerous work must be equipped with a safety belt. It is strictly prohibited to wear slippers, bare feet or hard soles for operation.

(3) the footpads must be rigid, solid and stable, with no gaps and probes, and the pads should be reliable with the scaffold Bolted.

(4) the building materials of changsha scaffolds shall be used as follows, so as not to place improper fall injuries.

(5) in setting up the assignment, the ground shall have a warning area, which shall be guarded by the bystanders, and no non-operating personnel shall be allowed in. The ground should be able to avoid the area where the objects are likely to fall.

(6) the high wind, snow, fog, thunderstorm and other special weather should stop working on the shelves. After rain and snow. Anti-skid measures must be taken during operation.

(7) scaffolding shall be set up according to height setting or attached rack to ensure the stability of the scaffold.

(8) the scaffold facade shall be covered with a footboard and two guard railing to hang the net.

(9) after the shelves have been set up, they must be checked and accepted by the relevant personnel and can be put into use after completing the acceptance certificate.

(10) aluminum alloy scaffolds shall be kept clean, without grease, oil, wet paint, mud, snow and other slippery substances.

In the construction site, the scaffolding of the scaffolding found that many of the builders had handled the details badly, sometimes seriously. Impact on construction progress and accidents.

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