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What advantages on earth does the ringlock scaffolding have

Ringlock scaffolding in the application of the bridge engineering is not racks, pier operation and safety such as distillation, this post is mainly under the share the advantages of the new type socket ringlock scaffolding, and hope to get everyone on the deep understanding of the products, for the new material in the domestic road &bridge construction contribution in the promotion of its own strength.
Advantages: the frame body stability is the scaffolding of the best in the class, the reason is that ringlock scaffolding system is a complete vertical rod, bar, horizontal diagonal and vertical diagonal structure of system, in three dimensional space is a complete lattice system.
Advantage 2: large bearing capacity, erection of steel content reduced. The scaffolding steel pipe pioneered Q345 low-alloy structural steel material, shelf which is different from traditional tube (Q195 - Q235), the material yield strength is higher, there are experiments confirmed that our 60 mm diameter, wall thickness of 3.2 mm ringlock scaffolding poling destruction of bearing capacity of 19-21 tons. High strength means low steel content, at the same time, reduce the labor costs directly.
Three advantages: simple and convenient installation. Ringlock is used to connect scaffold bayonet socket connection methods, a hammer can installation and removal, do not need to bolt operation, but also directly reduce the unsafe factors for bolt artificial operation. Another ringlock scaffolding because own vertical diagonal level diagonal rack body deformation, socket type ringlock scaffold can realize the overall and part of the lifting or ground pulled down.
Four advantages: long service life. Ringlock scaffolding system adopts galvanized do internal and external anti-corrosion, greatly shorten the zinc layer steel pipe oxidation process, to improve the shelf life of 15 to 20 years, so the equivalent of an investment. 

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