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What are the conditions for the construction of cuplock scaffolding

We saw in building engineering construction site will be the use of scaffolding, scaffolding in play an important role in the process of project construction. Scaffold is in the construction of the shelves, and around a building construction personnel move stood on the scaffold, and can be responsible for the transport of construction materials, thus it can be seen, the scaffold in the construction engineering construction is of vital importance.

There are many kinds of scaffolding, ringlock scaffold is one of them, using range is very wide. We are in the use of cuplock scaffolding, for the building work has certain conditions points need our attention. First, before the structures, round buckle scaffold to plan and design, and then according to the situation of the construction site for review, and then you can start to work to build. 

Secondly, when building basement must be solid, round buckle scaffold is directly related to the stability and safety, round button at the bottom of a scaffold must be strong ramming formation. When build round buckle scaffold, to guarantee every node to have fixed parts, and require is fastening, in this way can we guarantee loose cuplock scaffolding won't happen. Round buckle scaffold after completing, should make a careful check, make sure there are no problems, you can begin to put into use.

Cuplock scaffolding construction process must be cautious, because it is related to many construction personnel safety, and the cuplock scaffold in the process of use and regular inspection and maintenance.

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