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What are the development and origin of ringlock scaffolding in the project

Main components for vertical rod and bar, button node structure is reasonable, the vertical shaft axial force, make the ringlock scaffolding overall in three-dimensional space structure with high intensity, good overall stability, and has reliable self-locking function, can effectively improve the overall stability of the scaffold strength and degree of safety, can better meet the needs of the construction safety. 

A spell demolition rapidly, energy saving, simple structure, stable and reliable, strong commonality, large bearing capacity, safe and efficient, not easily lost, easy to manage, easy to transport, etc.


With the development of the society, we offer ringlock scaffolding manufacturer production and sales of mobile scaffold in the application has been more and more widely in our life, today, we offer ringlock scaffolding manufacturer is about the origin and development of the product for you to have. 


The application of the product around our life with the development of the society and more and more widely used, and the product is refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support. Moreover, the product has simple installation and its bearing performance is good, has imported from the United States, Britain and other countries and the use of this scaffolding. 

And the product characteristics such as the use of safe and reliable, able to develop fast, mobile scaffolding in all kinds of new type of scaffolding, the earliest development, usage is also the most. Scaffold  ringlock type, by the first successful development, and 60 s, Europe, Japan and other countries successively application and development of the scaffold. Beginning in the late 70 s in China, the application of this product in our country has been more and more widely.

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