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What are the main parts of cuplock scaffolding in the system

Cuplock scaffold parts are mainly  
Cuplock scaffolding accessories mainly includes six parts: fixed base, adjustable base, cross support, connecting rods, ADTO wheel, mobile scaffolding pedal. 

Also called simple base 1, fixed base, consists of base plate and the board is installed on the bottom rack bar at the bottom of the pedestal. Not for height adjustment. 
2, adjustable base with a fixed base, the difference is that the adjustable height. By screw, adjust the wrench and base plate. Can be adjusted to 250 mm and 520 mm. 
3, cross support rod longitudinal connecting two pieces of door frame. Between two cross rod screw holes, screwed up. Flattening place with pin holes on both ends, with connecting pin. 

4, connecting rod used for vertical assembly, is the work high above the fittings. Connected parts:, door frame stud
5, ADTO wheel mobile scaffold sliding wheel, can make the installation is complete scaffolding activities and the brake. 
6, cuplock type scaffold Pedal hook on the mobile scaffolding, dedicated mobile scaffolding steel pedals, have the effect of support staff. Mobile scaffolding steel pedals should choose principle is strong, prevent slippery, durable, three big performance be short of one cannot.

Cuplock scaffold has JGJ231-2010 national standard in technical support, the content of the specification has been clear about the it production requirements of the design requirements and construction requirements, so for leasing business at the time of purchase of the specifications of the reference standard, can at least know what is its specification and material.

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