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What are the superior advantages of ringlock scaffolding in Beijing

Superiority, long service life, Beijing dishes of scaffold Using unified galvanized surface treatment, paint completely stop and spray paint surface treatment, this not to drop paint is not rusty surface treatment way in addition to reduce the high maintenance cost per capita, appearance is consistent, the atmosphere and beautiful silver also for engineering to promote the image.


Galvanized surface treatment methods to extend the working life of the steel pipe to 15 to 20 years. Superiority and function is complete Wide application of Beijing ringlock scaffold is adopting the 500 mm plate distance, match the stud rail and diagonal and tripod can build into the bridge with different span and different section is supported, stage, lighting tower, bridge pier safety ladder, traditional bridge shuttering system bulky and applies only to specific specifications, limitations, ringlock scaffolding set-up into different shapes can be different function template support, meet the demand of various types of building. 

Three superiority, good safety ringlock scaffold using self-locking type connection plate and pin, pin plug on weight after can lock, and its lateral and vertical diagonal to make each unit are fixed triangular lattice structure, the frame body by horizontal and vertical force after will not happen deformation, scaffolding and step ladder can guarantee the stability of the frame body and the role of worker safety, ringlock scaffolding pedal link rack promoted a highly security. 

Four, space superiority during the construction of traditional bridge support, most of the bowl of scaffolding spacing in 1.2 meters the following, even reached 0.6 meters and 0.9 meters, this occurs at the site as the defects of insufficient space sex, workers in the erection supervision can't into the frame after the completion of acceptance among body, or even a bad things out, and nine to ringlock scaffold Q345b worksite is low alloy structural steel, improve the bearing capacity, enlarge a scaffold interval and spacing, thus expand the construction space and the supervision of the acceptance of the workers.

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