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What function and purpose does the new ringlock scaffold have

New ringlock scaffolding, it can do can do operation aircraft operation, at the same time also can meet the requirements of performance stage, authors, the following simple introduce for you. ADTO is China's domestic earlier introduced ringlock scaffolding group, one of the earliest by the technique of nine is imported from Taiwan, has carried on the localization, now formed a complete system.


The function and application of the new ringlock scaffolding: construction template (including road &bridge construction) support, especially high modulus; The outer walls of the high and low building scaffold; Large, medium and small warehouse shelves (three-dimensional shelf);Decoration engineering and mechanical and electrical installation of high operation & other; Work platform & throughout;, ship building industry inside and outside of the scaffold. Concerts, games, temporary grandstand, mobile scaffolding set-up for rental platform and stage, etc.; The construction unit flow barrack.

Ringlock scaffold product is a new type a convenient support scaffolding, it's a bit similar bowl rack and is superior to the bowl, and its main features are: a reliable two-way self-locking ability; Without any moving parts; Convenient transportation, storage, the erection, dismantle; Reasonable mechanical performance; 

Can be adjusted freely; Standardization of products packaging; Assembly is reasonable, its safety, good stability in bowl type, is superior to the doors scaffold; Practice shows that the beam span within 15 m, clearance height in 12 m a layer of single span, the multi-span continuous beam, frame structure building formwork support system, its good stability and safety in the bowl scaffold, is better than that of ringlock type scaffold.

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