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What is the common problems during the erection of ringlock scaffolding

1, auditing on-site use material specification number is lax, play too much material or specification is not complete, influence outside the frame overall progress and image.

2, control node is not clear, acceptance procedures through the motions.
3, the structure of the building complex modeling, cantilever beams sizes and arrangement spacing frame body stud spacing uneven, bracing set of ringlock continuity, the frame body build-up not beautiful.   
4, incomplete process node identification, individual parts according to the set-up, workers experience leads to the frame body function defect, protection function.
5, ringlock scaffolding at the bottom of the closed lax, the gap is bigger, pose a safety hazard.

The first approach, in fact, can be simply described as, through the interface friction force. In our scaffolding, close to the nodes, the contact area is a when we will be the contact pressure tight, due to the force of the interaction between, as a result of the bilateral power works, can form a friction force, then the power can be used to support our rail load, then the force can be passed to the stud, in addition, the role of the fasteners can also produce friction.
The second approach, rely on our artificial weld for power transmission. In our common all kinds of construction case, the door frame is basically belongs to the product of the applying method, basically see more at this way cross bar is located in the inside of the vertical bar at the top of the ringlock type scaffold, is the most suitable for this kind of method, is also one of the most common way. 

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