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Why can only use the ringlock scaffolding on the construction site

2017 more rules than a certain size of formwork supports system forbids the use of steel tube fastener type formwork, promote the use of socket type ringlock scaffolding type formwork. Have more than one region is more strictly rules can only use ringlock scaffolding scaffold.


1, because of interlock and gravity, even if the bolt is not coming out, bar is also unable to plug
2, less structure installation and removal is convenient, can make the structure of the system can adapt to all kinds of buildings
3, large carrying capacity, safe and reliable, the product quality is reliable
4, high structure strength, the overall stability is good

5, the company adopts advanced equipment for processing, can be used in conjunction with all kinds of steel pipe scaffold, implement all kinds of versatility, welding process using automatic system (carbon dioxide protection welding) welding, durable, not easy to take off the welding, impact resistance and pressure ability strong, repeated utilization ratio is high
6, surface treatment according to customer requirements for processing: paint, powder spraying, cold galvanized, hot dip galvanized, hot dip galvanized inside and outside wall processing, the service life of 15 years and above.

7, complete all products accessories, specifications complete, no scattered easily lost artifacts, low dissipation, less late into good comprehensive benefits. Component series of standardized, easy to transport and management of a project down than bowl scaffold save a third of the amount of steel.
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