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Why is ringlock scaffolding so popular in the market?

Along with the progress of times, the builders have realized ringlock scaffold has more advantage than cuplock scaffolding , especially in the north, everywhere, the big cities, because safety accident is everyone concern, ringlock scaffold inclined rod design, increased the stability of the scaffold, and greatly reduces the scaffolding collapse accident

Ringlock scaffolding is a convenient support scaffold. It is a bit like a bowl buckle and is better than a bowl.

1. Reliable two-way self-locking ability;

2. No active parts;

3. Portable scaffolding transport, storage, setting up and removing convenient and fast;

4. Reasonable force performance;


5. Disc scaffolding can be adjusted freely;

6. Standardized packaging of products;

7. The ringlock scaffold assembly is reasonable, its safety and stability are better than the cuplock scaffold, better than the gate scaffold;

8, practice shows that the beam span within 15 m, clearance height in 12 m a layer of single span, the multi-span continuous beam, frame structure building formwork support system, its good stability and safety in the cuplock scaffold, is superior to the scaffold.

The ringlock scaffolding is popular in its own way. No matter how The Times change, the market is always the most insightful, and the fittest and the fittest are the rules of immortality.

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