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  • Cuplock scaffolding as the top choice on the construction sites

    Along with the development of the construction industry domestic scaffolding industry rapid rise, scaffolding products growing technology continuously upgrade. Now new scaffold with Cuplock.

  • Standards for safety constructing the ringlock scaffolding system

    The ringlock scaffolding with install and quick and easy removal, fasteners. Stud welding on 8 hole of faceplate, beams and oblique welding rod bolt and wedge plug, as long as the plug of the beams and inclined rod through the stud faceplate, insert a wedge pin. Poling docking is convenient, poling bring connecting sleeve, a variety of specifications of the stud can be arbitrary combined, can meet..

  • How to decide if it is a qualified ringlock scaffolding

    Ringlock Scaffoldings are made by Q345 Steel Scaffold Tube for Ringlock System Scaffolding Parts including Ringlock Verticals, Ringlock Horizontal Ledgers, Ringlock Diagonal Braces. Standard size and specification of scaffold tubes used for Normal Duty Ringlock Scaffolding Standard and

  • What are the material to produce ringlock scaffolding tubes

    Ringlock Scaffolding Rack pipe material basically has: 15 crmo, 42 crmo, Cr5Mo, Cr9Mo, A335P11, A335P22, 12 cr1mov, 10 crmo910, 321, 304, 304 l, 316, 316 l, Q195 - Q345B, 10 #, 20 #, 45 #, 16 mn - 35 mn, 27 simn and other materials. Frame tube is a kind of welded pipe, it is used to make

  • How Do You Use A Ringlock Scaffolding With A Tie

    In many countries scaffold manufacturers must comply to the standards and regulations specifically designed by their government organizations in order to ensure safety to those who use them. Steel or aluminum is most often used to manufacture scaffolding, except in China. These materials are not only cheaper but also provide greater strength to the scaffolding structures.

  • How to determine whether or not the scaffolding is good

    The safety and efficiency Due to the possible collapse building scaffolds in construction application, and the heavy casualties caused by the accident, so the safety of the products is the first principle of design and manufacturer to consider. Measure a scaffolding system design is good or bad, should first evaluate the mechanical

  • Tips for the erection of ringlock scaffolding tubes and couplers

    Line by line according to the requirement of the form the basic structure unit, step, and gradually to the erection, rectangle around the scaffold should start from an Angle of extension

  • Safety tips prior to the usage of cuplock scaffolding

    Cuplock scaffolding usage note: 1, the use of components should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions laid 2, try to reduce the error in the process of the erection, the big error must not exceed 100 mm.3, as far as possible to ensure even and scaffolding and building

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