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  • The advantages of using cuplock scaffolding in the construction projects

    China in the field of construction, mainly used for frame scaffolding and cuplock scaffolding, because such scaffolding, simple and quick, the cost is low.

  • Six big advantages of cuplock scaffolding systems

    Cuplock steel pipe cuplock scaffolding comes after a new type of steel pipe scaffold, can meet in buildings, Bridges, tunnels, chimney, water tower and various construction requirements of the building. And in terms of performance is much better than the fastener type steel pipe scaffold, is very has the development prospects of a new type of cuplock scaffolding.

  • Cuplock scaffolding type steel pipe scaffold advantages

    1) utility: according to the specific construction requirements, different team size, shape and bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, sticks, material hoisting frame, climbing scaffolding, cantilever rack and other functions of construction equipment. Can also be used to build facilities barrack, tents, lighthouse and other structures. Particularly suitable for erection of ..

  • Ringlock scaffolding erection standard regulations of 2015 Edition

    1, scaffolding load is not more than 270 kg/m2, experienced qualified for rear can use, in use should be regularly check and maintenance. Load more than 270 kg/m2, or form a special scaffold should carry on the design. 2, steel tube columns should be set metal base, the geological soft foundation should be mat board or a sweeping the floor.

  • What is the standard of scaffolding tube thickness

    Scaffolding there are many types of different types of scaffolding, the requirement of steel tube wall thickness is different, thus caused it is not the same as the standard. In addition, the construction of scaffolding family use scaffolding for different purposes of, so the standard is different.

  • What are the advantages of the cuplock scaffolding in the project

    Less structure, convenient installation and removal, basic structure and special parts, can make the structure of the system can adapt to all kinds of buildings; Only by vertical rod, bar, diagonal member of three components, bar, bar and rod all made in factories, one is the maximum to avoid the loss of the traditional scaffold activity parts easy.

  • How to prevent the cuplock scaffolding from toppling down

    1, the guardian's dereliction of duty, the operator of illegal job would cause a lot of accidents. Especially scaffolder in erection of scaffolding and demolition, not wearing a helmet and safety belt in accordance with the relevant provisions, and many people think that as long as careful, won't appear accident, which frequently fall accident. In addition, some construction personnel

  • What are the standards to erect ringlock scaffolding

    Panel cuplock scaffolding, templates, erection of height of 24 m or less;When more than 24 m, shall be computed separately designed. Button scaffold system as a template support build-up should be calculated according to the construction scheme of poling bent frame size and choose fixed horizontal pole, combination according to the height of support set of poling period, adjustable bracket and ad..

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