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  • Safety management and maintenance of cuplock scaffold

    1. The construction load on the operating floor shall conform to the design requirements, and shall not be overloaded, and shall not be placed on the cuplock scaffold for materials such as templates a

  • About setting up cuplock scaffolding

    1. The base and pad should be accurately positioned on the positioning line; The pads should be used in length not less than 2, with a thickness of no less than 50mm. The base line should be perpendic

  • The development trends of ringlock scaffolding

    ADTO ringlock scaffold uses scaffolding tube Q195, Q215, Q235 carbon steel, such as economic developed countries abroad scaffolding manufacturers use low alloy steel pipe scaffolding steel pipe is wid

  • How to use Ringlock Scaffolding safer

    I. protective measuresIn the construction of high-rise buildings, each step of the disk scaffolding is to be covered with bamboo or mesh, and a 1m high railings and bamboo board are set on the outside

  • The preparations before setting up cuplock scaffolding

    1 The following supporting documents shall be provided for the cuplock scaffolding fittings.The main components shall have product identification and product quality certificate;The supplier shal

  • How to determine whether the ringlock scaffold should be scrapped

    Any spare parts will be used for a long time. No accessories can be used indefinitely. The scaffold is not exceptional also, scaffolding will also be discarded after use time process, so check timely

  • Key points of cuplock scaffold

    (1) the cuplock scaffolding shall consist of the upper cuplock, the lower cuplock, the crossbar joint and the upper cuplock clasp, and the joints shall be set at 0.6m modulus. (2) the main compon

  • What is the construction requirement of ringlock scaffold for formwork support system?

    1. In the template support system, the height of the template bracket shall not exceed 24 meters, and more than 24 meters shall be designed separately. Note: it is not suitable to exceed 24m. In fact,

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