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  • The advantages of cuplock scaffolding

    In the early 1980s, our country imported bow-type scaffolding from abroad, and the bowl-type scaffolding was widely used in many domestic projects, which achieved good results. But after so many years of use, because of carrying capacity is not easy to control, most can only be used for the construction of the lighter project of such heavy duty.

  • The Ringlock scaffolds create conditions to ensure the quality of construction engineering

    The Ringlock scaffolds create conditions to ensure the quality of construction engineering and improve the efficiency of work. ‚Äč 1. Ensure continuity of construction work. 2. Can meet the..

  • The advantages and disadvantages of the cuplock scaffold(1)

    Cuplock scaffolding is a new type of tubular steel pipe scaffold. Scaffolding original toothed bowl joint, a spell demolition rapidly, energy saving, stable and reliable structure, equipped with perfect, strong commonality, large bearing capacity, safe and reliable, easy to machining, but not easily lost, easy to manage, easy to transport, wide application, etc.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of cuplock scaffolding(2)

    (5) safe and reliable: when the joints are designed, the joints have reliable self-locking ability, considering the screw friction of the upper bowl and the gravity effect. The load on the horizontal bar passes down the lower bowl to the vertical bar, and the lower bowl has a strong shear capacity (the maximum is 199KN). If the upper bowl button is not pressed,

  • How to go into the professional way to being a ringlock scaffolding supplier

    A. Cognitive specialization: deep understanding to the product, and master the use of function to guide sales and service At the same time, the problems encountered in the project use, after thinking and research will

  • Several steps to check if the cuplock scaffolding qualified

    (1) top cuplock scaffolding foundation must be strong, before the erection of the computation, meet the requirement of load, and set-up, and according to the construction of drainage

  • What function and purpose does the new ringlock scaffold have

    New ringlock scaffolding, it can do can do operation aircraft operation, at the same time also can meet the requirements of performance stage, authors, the following simple introduce for you.

  • Such ringlock scaffolding kind can be well used in the project

    Ringlock scaffolding is in the process of engineering construction, pile material and workers to operate the temporary facilities. The width of the basic requirements for scaffolding, scaffold

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