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Cuplock Scaffolding News

  • What are the require ments to use cuplock scaffolding on site

    1, before installation must be in accordance with construction drawing design, site topography, pouring scheme and equipment conditions such as construction plan, according to the construction phase load checking its strength, stiffness and stability of the cuplock scaffolding, for approval before implementation.

  • How to make a safety construction site for a ringlock scaffolding project

    (1) pay attention to labor protection and proper use of protective equipment of the ringlock scaffolding, appliances, construction in strict accordance with the operating procedures. (2) pay attention to fire safety, into the construction site areas, especially around the inflammable, explosive, it is forbidden to smoke. Flame operation shall not with inflammable and explosive operations at the s..

  • How to build the cuplock scaffolding in an effective way

    1. Do not pile up on cuplock scaffold overweight, and banned concentrated stack. 2. The cuplock scaffolding build must with the structure to build the erection progress, not setting up scaffolding rods, operating workers in construction jobs leave there shall not be not fixed

  • What to do to prevent the fire accidents of cuplock scaffolding products

    On the construction site there are a lot of fuel, such as wood, paint, wood shavings, oxygen cylinder, acetylene bottles, etc., if you don't pay attention to the use of fire, or the improper measures of fire prevention, it may cause fire, burning building materials and structures. Wooden

  • Where can you use our ADTO cuplock scaffolding products

    Cuplock scaffolding on the main characteristics is embodied in the "Cuplock", the scaffolding on the stud welding joint on is equipped with a buckle plate, horizontal, in bolt for fittings. The scaffold in many countries in Europe and the application already have decades of history, our country is imported from abroad in the 1980 s, a new type of scaffold is an effective and safe products.

  • What are the application of mobile cuplock scaffolding system

    Mobile cuplock scaffold use more, because of its flexible architecture, tear open outfit simple, convenient and widely used in building construction, in addition to and as a general mobile scaffold, racks, also can be used as a support pillar, material hoisting frame, cantilever scaffold, climbing scaffold. In addition, with the mobile cuplock scaffolding application of promotion, the deepening o..

  • Why is Cuplock Scaffolding More Popular Than Before

    Some of the common used materials used for making Scaffolding Systems include – bamboo, steel, aluminium, etc

  • How to erect the cuplock scaffolding firmly and reliably

    The cuplock scaffolding tube application 48 ~ 51 mm outside diameter, wall thickness 3 ~ 3.5 mm, no serious erosion, bending, flattening or crack of pipe shelf. Specification is recommended

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