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Cuplock Scaffolding News

  • Safety technical requirements of the cuplock scaffold

    (1) scaffold construction organization shall be prepared before the scaffold is set up. Specify the use load, determine the scaffold plane, such as the layout drawing, list the component usage scale,

  • Set-up Process Of Cuplock Scaffolding

    1 shelves before the solid foundation of the line, the upright orientation - put sweeping bar - upright rod and rod fastening sweeps the floor - of the small bar, with vertical stem and sweeping rod f

  • Safety Standard Of Cuplock Scaffolding

    1. The construction load on the operating floor shall conform to the design requirements, and shall not be overloaded, and shall not be placed on the scaffold for materials such as templates and reinf

  • Brief Talk about Cuplock scaffolding

    1, multi-function, can according to the specific construction requirements, different team frame size, shape, and the bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, sticks, material hoi

  • Secure Operation For Using Cuplock Scaffolding

    First of all, the load must meet the following requirements:1) The structural scaffolding shall not exceed the kN/m2 when the juice is not specified, the structural scaffolding shall not exceed 4KN/m2

  • Technical requirements for installing Cuplock scaffolding

    1. The formwork support frame should be matched with the construction of the template, and adjust the bottom die elevation with adjustable base or adjustable bracket. 2. According to the position

  • The advantages of cuplock scaffolding

    In the early 1980s, our country imported bow-type scaffolding from abroad, and the bowl-type scaffolding was widely used in many domestic projects, which achieved good results. But after so many years of use, because of carrying capacity is not easy to control, most can only be used for the construction of the lighter project of such heavy duty.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of the cuplock scaffold(1)

    Cuplock scaffolding is a new type of tubular steel pipe scaffold. Scaffolding original toothed bowl joint, a spell demolition rapidly, energy saving, stable and reliable structure, equipped with perfect, strong commonality, large bearing capacity, safe and reliable, easy to machining, but not easily lost, easy to manage, easy to transport, wide application, etc.

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