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Ringlock Scaffolding News

  • How to determine whether or not the scaffolding is good

    The safety and efficiency Due to the possible collapse building scaffolds in construction application, and the heavy casualties caused by the accident, so the safety of the products is the first principle of design and manufacturer to consider. Measure a scaffolding system design is good or bad, should first evaluate the mechanical

  • Tips for the erection of ringlock scaffolding tubes and couplers

    Line by line according to the requirement of the form the basic structure unit, step, and gradually to the erection, rectangle around the scaffold should start from an Angle of extension

  • How to prepare scaffolding material and specifications

    The fastener materials and specifications Fastener is specially for the bar to steel pipe scaffold for connection, it has to turn right (cross) and docking (a word) three forms, fasteners should be malleable cast iron

  • The advantages of disc type support scaffoldings

    [1] is a new type of scaffolding, this product is imported from Europe in the 1980 s, is the bowl scaffold after the upgrading of products. Also called chrysanthemum scaffold system, scaffold system, , fastener scaffold, layher (rhea, layer frame, frame, because the scaffolding is the basic principle of the German layher invention (real) company, also

  • Specifications and advantages of ringlock scaffolding construction

    The Ringlock scaffold with install and quick and easy removal, fasteners. Stud welding on 8 hole of faceplate, beams and oblique welding rod bolt and wedge plug, as long as the plug of the beams and inclined rod through the stud faceplate.

  • What are the reasons that cause the abnormal set scaffolding

    Set-up is not standard in main areas: 1, the erection, dismantle issues.2, problems in the process of using 3, fasteners, the quality problem of the steel tube comes into play.

  • You can buy ringlock scaffoding in ADTO group

    Ringlock scaffolding has the following characteristics: 1) easy and quick: build relaxed and fast, and have very strong maneuverability, can meet the requirements of large scale;2) safe, reliable and flexible: according to different actual need, set up a variety of specifications, many mobile scaffolding, various perfect safety accessories, provide strong, safe in operation support;3) convenient t..

  • Erection standards of ringlock scaffolding tubes and rods

    The basic form of a single row and double row two. Single disc ringlock scaffolding only set a row of vertical bar on the outside of the disc scaffolding, its degree of transverse and longitudinal rod rod end throughout the lap, the other end of the abandoned on the wall.

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