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Ringlock Scaffolding News

  • Erection standards of ringlock scaffolding tubes and rods

    The basic form of a single row and double row two. Single disc ringlock scaffolding only set a row of vertical bar on the outside of the disc scaffolding, its degree of transverse and longitudinal rod rod end throughout the lap, the other end of the abandoned on the wall.

  • Who are the people use ringlock scaffolding in the project

    Steel or aluminum ringlock scaffolding is most often used to manufacture scaffolding, except in China (They still use bamboo. Yes, you've seen them in Jackie Chan movies!! ). These materials are not only cheaper but also provide greater strength to the scaffolding structures.

  • Ringlock scaffolding erection standard regulations of 2015 Edition

    1, scaffolding load is not more than 270 kg/m2, experienced qualified for rear can use, in use should be regularly check and maintenance. Load more than 270 kg/m2, or form a special scaffold should carry on the design. 2, steel tube columns should be set metal base, the geological soft foundation should be mat board or a sweeping the floor.

  • What is the standard of scaffolding tube thickness

    Scaffolding there are many types of different types of scaffolding, the requirement of steel tube wall thickness is different, thus caused it is not the same as the standard. In addition, the construction of scaffolding family use scaffolding for different purposes of, so the standard is different.

  • What are the standards to erect ringlock scaffolding

    Panel cuplock scaffolding, templates, erection of height of 24 m or less;When more than 24 m, shall be computed separately designed. Button scaffold system as a template support build-up should be calculated according to the construction scheme of poling bent frame size and choose fixed horizontal pole, combination according to the height of support set of poling period, adjustable bracket and ad..

  • ADTO is the professional supplier of scaffolding products

    ADTO company is specializing in Scaffolding & Formwork systems and have a good reputation in this field. More than 90% of our products are export to Western Europe, Northern Europe, North America, South America, Australia.

  • How to install the mobile ringlock scaffolding system

    Active scaffolding is also called mobile scaffolding refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support. Bearing performance is good, it has a simple installation, safe

  • Introduction of ADTO ringlock scaffolding and its features

    Today's consumption level has risen to a level, the change of the tall buildings every year, the building construction industry internal use disc scaffolding is very common, have quickly occupied the market, it has been the construction personnel loves. ADTO of ringlock is the development trend of the better scaffold in the country according to the standard in the research and development and p..

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