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Ringlock Scaffolding News

  • How to build the multiple function of ringlock scaffolding systems

    The frame poling of ringlock scaffolding: Main functions: the slabs for the system's main support. Tube material: shelf Q345B low carbon alloy structural steel and Q235 carbon tube shelf.

  • What are the advantages of ADTO ringlock scaffolding

    Ringlock scaffolding and disk support system is my company independent research and development including product patents, compared with other scaffolding and formwork products

  • How to choose the paint art on the ringlock scaffolding

    Everyone at the time of purchase the disc scaffolding generally fall into two is one kind of hot galvanizing is a kind of painting. Spray disc scaffolding is divided into two kinds of technology: one

  • What are the specificaitons of ringlock scaffolding tube system

    To build ringlock scaffold pole there are two most, 48 Mimi a diameter, wall thickness 3.5 meters; Another 51 Mimi diameter, wall thickness 3 meters; According to its location and function of different, can be divided into 48.3 * 1000 poling, level pole, sweep the floor.

  • What are requirements of scaffolding planks in the ringlock scaffolding system

    Galvanized steel scaffolding plank (also called steel pedals, ringlock scaffolding, etc.) is currently in construction, energy, chemical, shipbuilding and other large engineering construction of the most used a scaffolding plank, its fire prevention, prevent many sands, light weight, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance and high compressive strength, surface concave and convex hole, on both sid..

  • Ringlock scaffolding with many standing tube type

    Quality of projects and the relationship between material quality is very big, some engineering component itself is the quality of the material quality, the quality of the other artifacts because the material quality directly affect the quality of the finished products, such as cement quality

  • What to do with the erection of ringlock scaffolding system

    A, the load to ringlock scaffolding can't be more than 270 kg/m2, to speak after acceptance and get listed qualified to be able to use, often in use in the process of inspection and maintenance. Second, ringlock scaffolding accessories in the steel pipe column should set the base metal, if geological soft should be based on mat board or sweep lever is set.

  • Principles of setting up ringlock scaffolding parts and components

    Set-up principles: (1) horizontal even vertical, links to safe and reliable protection. (2) the deviation should be allowed to meet the requirements of the relevant provisions of the scaffold erection. (3) the width of each bracing is 3 across four steps, distance between the bracing is not greater than 15 m. (4) the contact as vertical direction every two steps, the horizontal spacing of

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