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    High Quality scaffold ladder Use for construction building System

    • FOB Price:US $18.00 ~25.00 /PCS
    • Quantity:25 Ton/Tons
    • Supply:1000 Piece/Pieces per Week
    • Port:Tianjin
    • Payment:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

    Uscaffolding provides High Quality scaffold ladder Use for construction building System, you can send inquiry for the latest price.

    1. Detailed information

    1.No conductive,excellent electrical insulations property.Power frequency withstand voltage is 250KV/M.


    2.Novel appearance,elegant and beautiful.


    3. Corrosion resistance:

    corrosion resisting properties of many gas and liquid medium,such as acid,alkali,organic solvents,salt.According to the actual application environment,you can choose to use the orthophthalic,ISO or vinyl resin to be basic material),resistance to aging and fading.


    4. Light weight,easily to carry:

    Density of scaffold reinforced plastic profiles is not greater than 2.0,which is only a quarter of steel,2/3 of aluminum.Its hardness is 10 times than the rigid polyvinyl chloride,absolute strength of it is higher than aluminum and ordinary steels).


    5. High strength,impact resistance,high safety performance.

    The Scaffolding Ladder has the continuous yarns and mats as reinforced material during the process of production,which is enough to ensure mechanical strength of the product.


    6. By national electric power industry safety and instrument of quality supervision, inspection and test center testing.


    7.Low water absorption,good antiflaming ability.

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